About Unicorn Labs



193 Flat Sedge Crescent, Gloucester, ON, Canada



Unicorn Labs is a data-driven leadership development agency specializing in developing managers into Unicorn Leaders. We provide scalable training programs that reshape your corporate culture and empower your managers to create high-performing teams.


At Unicorn Labs, we understand high-performing teams are the secret weapon against the 21st-century talent war. That’s why we’ve developed leadership training programs designed to transform managers into Unicorn Leaders.


Unicorn Leaders create attractive cultures, retain top talent and accelerate business growth by building and empowering unstoppable teams.


Led by award-winning leadership speaker, Fahd Alhattab, Unicorn Labs offers start-up founder leadership coaching and offsite team-building retreats and inspires audiences to become Unicorn Leaders through corporate keynotes.


When you invest in your people, your start-up wins. Do it with Unicorn Labs.

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