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Equal by 30 Campaign: What it is and why you should consider signing up

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Tired of seeing a gender gap in your industry or workplace? You’re not alone. The Equal by 30 Campaign is an ambitious initiative to promote gender equality in the energy sector by 2030. Dozens of states and sub-national governments (including Canada) and hundreds of global companies both large and small have signed onto the campaign, which is co-led by the Clean Energy Ministerial (a global multilateral forum) and the International Energy Agency.

As a small business owner or operator, you can join the campaign and help make a difference in your industry. Here’s what you need to know about this inspiring initiative.

What is Equal by 30?

The Equal by 30 Campaign is an international initiative that aims to close the gender gap within the energy sector by 2030. The campaign was launched at the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco and has since been endorsed by more than 50 countries, organizations, and companies around the world. Part of the Equality in Energy Transitions Initiative, its goal is to support progress toward gender equality through concrete commitments from businesses, governments, civil society organizations, trade unions, research institutions, and individuals. The campaign focuses on three main areas: policy & regulation, corporate actions & commitments, and education & capacity building. It also provides resources such as guides and best practices for companies looking to implement policies or initiatives that will help move them closer to achieving gender equality in their workplace.

Why Should I Sign Up for Equal by 30?

The Equal by 30 Campaign offers an opportunity for businesses of all sizes to make meaningful change within their organization when it comes to gender equality. By signing on, companies commit to implementing policies or initiatives that will help create a more equitable environment for women in their workforce. Additionally, they pledge to keep track of their progress towards achieving gender equality and report back on their progress every two years. This transparency helps build trust between organizations and allows them to hold themselves accountable while striving towards greater equity within their companies.

By signing up for Equal by 30 you are sending a powerful message that you support closing the gender gap in your industry. More importantly, it shows that your commitment extends beyond words and into tangible action items.

Joining this campaign will also give you access to resources such as guidance on how to develop action plans to bridge gaps between women and men, tools for self-assessment of existing policies, best practices from other companies and access to networks of experts who can provide advice.

How Can I Get Started With Equal By 30?

By joining the campaign you are endorsing the Equal by 30 principles and pledging to develop specific measurable commitments (which will be posted on the Equal by 30 website), publicly report on your progress and share the campaign information and your commitment to those in your network.

The sign up process itself is straightforward. All you need to do is go online and fill out their signup form which includes basic information about yourself and your company as well as any commitments or goals related to promoting gender equality within your organization or industry. After submitting this form, you will receive an email with further instructions about how to get started on turning these commitments into actionable steps.

The website also includes resources to learn about gender equality in the energy sector, including quizzes and other interactive tools. You can see what governments and companies have signed on and what pledges they’ve made.

The Equal by 30 Campaign is an important initiative that encourages businesses of all sizes to take actionable steps towards achieving gender equality within their workplaces. By signing this commitment, companies show they are dedicated to creating equitable environments where everyone can thrive regardless of sex or gender identity. If your company hasn’t yet signed up for this campaign, now would be a great time to consider it.

To learn more about the Equal by 30 campaign, visit the Equal by 30 website.

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