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Mentor Works, a Ryan Company, is a leading government funding firm dedicated to streamlining the funding and grant application process for businesses across Canada. Through Ryan ULC, an award-winning global tax services, consultancy and software provider, Mentor Works is able to offer a 360 funding experience and a grants discovery and screening platform that helps match businesses with government funding opportunities.

Ryan’s scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) practice focuses on helping businesses claim tax credits for their research and development activities. Our SR&ED practice provides a range of services to help businesses identify and claim tax credits for their eligible R&D activities, which can help them offset the costs of innovation and improve their financial performance.


Ryan’s government funding services are designed to help businesses maximize their chances of securing funding for their growth and innovation initiatives as well as help them optimize the impact of that funding to their business through proactive and retroactive funding. Specifically, we support our clients through:

Mentor Works, Ryan Government Grants Practice:

  • Strategic Funding Analysis and Funding Identification: We work with our clients to understand their strategic initiatives and identify corresponding funding programs to meet their financing needs. We work with businesses to develop a funding strategy that aligns with their growth and innovation goals. Our grants discovery, matching and qualification process ensures business projects meet the requirements and mandates of active and available funding programs that are the best fit for upcoming business investments and initiatives. We work to develop a funding strategy that maximizes the funding potential for our clients’ initiatives in the short, medium and long term.
  • Consulting Services: We provide our clients with strategic guidance and support throughout the government funding process. This consultancy work includes early consultancy support including having initial conversations with government funding agencies and developing pre-application documentation, through to due diligence requests.
  • 360 Approach to Funding: Finally, our team provides referrals and works closely with other Ryan practices to optimize our clients’ tax, incentive and funding approaches to ensure that we maximize our clients’ funding potential.

Ryan SR&ED practice provides a range of services to help businesses identify and claim tax credits for their eligible R&D activities, which can help offset the costs of innovation and improve their financial performance. The specific services provided by our Ryan SR&ED Practice include:

  • Eligibility Assessment: The practice helps businesses assess the eligibility of their R&D activities for SR&ED tax credits. Our team of technical experts and tax professionals analyze our clients’ R&D projects to determine which activities qualify for tax credits.
  • Claim Preparation: The SR&ED practice prepares technical and financial reports to support the SR&ED claim. Our reports are designed to provide a clear and concise description of the R&D activities that qualify for tax credits and the associated expenditures.
  • Audit Support: The practice provides support during the CRA audit process to help clients defend their SR&ED claims. The team of technical experts and tax professionals assist in responding to audit questions and providing any additional documentation that may be required.
  • Documentation Solution: Ryan offers a software solution to assist our clients to track SR&ED project activity, costs and technical documentation. The software is cloud basedand is provided free of charge to our clients.

Overall, Ryan’s SR&ED practice supports businesses in maximizing the value of their R&D activities by claiming tax credits for eligible expenditures. The practice’s technical expertise and experience with the SR&ED program helps clients navigate the complex claim preparation process and defend their claims in the event of an audit.

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