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10 ways to generate blog content ideas for your business

By SME Institute

Are you looking for ways to generate ongoing content for your business blog? Continuously coming up with fresh ideas can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With a bit of creativity and a little research, you can drum up a litany of interesting topics that will keep your readers coming back for more. Here are 10 strategies that you can use to help keep that content machine churning:


Start by brainstorming some topics related to your industry or product offering. Take the time to note down any ideas that come to mind – this could include potential titles or topics of interest. You may even want to invite others in the organization to join in on the brainstorming session so everyone’s input is taken into account. The key here is to have an open mind – no idea is a bad idea.

Keep on Eye on Industry News

Keeping abreast of industry news is an excellent way to generate ideas for blog content. Make sure you’re subscribed to relevant publications, newsfeeds and newsletters so you can stay informed about what’s going on in your industry and turn those stories into compelling blog posts.

Research Your Competitors

Checking out what kind of content your competitors have published on their website and social media channels is another great way to get inspiration for blog content ideas. Take note of the type of topics they address, as well as any interesting ways they present their information – these elements can give you valuable insight on what type of content resonates with audiences similar to yours.

Pay Attention To Trends

Staying updated on current trends and topics in your niche is a great way to come up with fresh, engaging blog post ideas that people will find interesting and useful. Conduct regular keyword searches, utilize tools such as Google Trends and spend some time browsing popular sites like Reddit – all these activities will help you identify trending topics so you can transform them into valuable pieces of content on your business blog.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Following key influencers in your niche or industry is a great way to discover new topics that are currently hot within the digital realm – and this also applies when looking for new posts for your business blog. Monitor conversations around certain hashtags, search via Twitter and LinkedIn or just look through other companies’ feeds. There’ll likely be plenty of ideas from which you can draw inspiration.

Utilize Surveys & Q&As

If you feel like coming up with original content has become difficult, consider asking customers and followers directly about what type of topics they would like covered in upcoming posts. This could also include general surveys or polls where people are asked about what interests them most within a certain topic area as well as Q&A sessions where people submit questions related to specific subjects they’d like more information on.

Ask For Feedback Directly

Asking customers (both existing ones and those who have yet not made a purchase) for feedback is another effective way to generate blog post ideas relevant specifically to those individuals’ needs and interests – plus it’s an excellent opportunity to build relationships with them too. Consider reaching out via email or holding interviews wherein people discuss their experiences and opinions related to certain products or services – all of this valuable information can then be used towards creating informative posts that customers will appreciate reading.

Reuse Existing Content

If you’ve been blogging for a while then chances are that there’s plenty of older content which hasn’t received much attention lately – why not reuse it by remixing it into something new? You could update old blogs to make them more relevant today, add extra details or cite recent sources or data. Alternatively, consider creating an entire series around one particular topic by breaking down different aspects of a previous blog into separate posts.

Analyze Popular Posts

Taking the time to regularly check which posts have been performing best across different platforms is an easy way to figure out what kind of material resonates best with audiences similar to yours – this could range from analyzing post headlines and descriptions to combing through social conversations surrounding more controversial issues. Knowing which types of stories tend to garner the most attention can help you craft new blog content tailored to your target audience.

Look Beyond Your Niche

Lastly, looking beyond your niche can help you generate new ideas for content. Incorporating news or trends from other industries will keep the content interesting for your readers by providing them with broader context. And, by targeting a slightly different audience, you may be able to gain some new readers who may not necessarily be familiar with your own industry.

Hopefully these 10 tips help you generate some new ideas for your business blog. Happy writing!

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