SkillsCamp (9552600 Canada Inc.)
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SkillsCamp is a soft skills development company. We work with businesses and educational institutions to build soft skills in their staff and students.


Across all industries, employers and industry leaders are identifying soft skills, like communication, teamwork, time management, emotional intelligence and leadership, as critical skills for how we relate, live and work successfully with each other. Yet, these core skills and several others take a backseat in traditional education. The result is students who become professionals without the requisite abilities to thrive in their personal, professional and academic lives. We teach this “missing curriculum” of 21st-century skills to help people become more effective leaders and contributors.


We are a value-driven company. We care about how people learn as much as what they learn. At SkillsCamp, we tailor to the needs and learning styles of our students and clients. We believe the best way to learn is when you can bring your whole self. Our instructors walk the walk by living and working what they teach every day.


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